All Right? is a campaign designed to help Cantabrians think about our mental health and wellbeing and ways we can improve it.

As part of creating a community conversation about wellbeing, All Right? is encouraging Cantabrians to share their ideas about what makes them feel all right.

Everyone has their own ideas on what makes them feel good. Whether it’s catching up with loved ones, spending time with a good book, or enjoying a walk around Hagley Park, the possibilities are endless!

By collecting people’s wellbeing ideas and sharing them with others, All Right? wants to remind people of the very simple things we can do to take care of ourselves and each other.

To make this easy (and fun!) All Right? has developed the All Right? Poster Generator. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Ask your classmates, workmates, club members, teammates, etc for a short suggestion (max 60 characters) on what makes them feel good. To make things easier you can download and print this ideas sheet.
  2. You need between 10-20 all right suggestions per poster.
  3. For each suggestion we need a first name. You can provide an age if you would like.
  4. Once you’ve provided us with some of your groups’ details you will be able to put the suggestions you’ve gained into the All Right? Poster Generator
  5. You can even choose the colour of your All Right? poster. How clever is that!
  6. Your poster will then be moderated by the All Right? team and a link sent to you so you can download and print your poster.
  7. Your completed poster will also be shared on our All Right? website.

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